Full Service 401k

While our rapidly growing D.C. unit specializes in 401 (k)s designed to meet specific client needs, our staff is experienced in all types of plans. Included are many tailored to the public not-for-profit sectors, where constant legislative changes occur not only at the national level, but state by state. 

While it's well know that 90% of U.S. employers maintain some type of qualified plan, it's also becoming painfully clear that many of those plans are in need of re-design, technical or communication upgrading or, in some cases, complete overhaul. This is due to many influences ranging from significantly improved participant and sponsor sophistication to unexpected economic and/or legislative changes. 

To keep up with these changes, Brentwood maintains close ties with research and compliance sources, not to mention numerous quality ERISA and public sector TPAs and bundled providers. 

We not only provide top-to-bottom plan consultation services, but we're in the enviable position of being able to offer literally any level of 401 (k)/D.C. provider, from "full service bundled" to "investment only unbundled" arrangements through both registered and non-registered product sources. Our affiliate broker/dealer has selling agreements with virtually every mutual fund D.C. provider and we have close, long-established ties to all non-registered insurance company and bank sources. 

Brentwood conducts on going due diligence for D.C. clients via semi-annual interviews with all in-force providers and detailed, in-depth pre-placement analysis before we ever put our stamp of approval on any source of D.C. investments or services. 

For more information please contact Joseph Adair at 800-642-2219.