Pension Risk Transfer

With both pension assets and expenses rapidly increasing pension risk transfer (PRT) is dramatically escalating.  Plan sponsors on a glide path to termination now realize that using PRT over a period of time spreads their interest rate and asset risk and decreases administrative expenses while doing so. 

Over the past 30 years Brentwood has consistently been one of the top third party intermediaries in the group annuity contract market. Brentwood is a full service company that works alongside a plan sponsor’s consulting actuary and legal team by providing all of the non-actuarial and non-legal services associated with the purchase of a group annuity contract.  Our work starts with pre-sale strategy and only ends once all participants have received their insurance company certificates.

 Brentwood works on a negotiated fixed fee basis with no soft or hard dollar compensation from insurance companies.  While not necessary we strongly recommend our clients hire us as an independent or co-fiduciary.  All of our work is geared to satisfying the requirements of Department of Labor Bulletin 95-1 and the court case of Bussian v RJR Nabisco, while negotiating the best possible price for our clients.